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Parking expert witness testimony — when provided by a knowledgeable, credentialed professional with decades of hands-on experience in the industry — can play a pivotal role in the outcome of a legal claim. A parking lot expert witness can supply unbiased insight into various factors such as valuation, parking functional design, rate justification, and parking economics to help bolster a claimant’s case.

In addition to providing depositions and courtroom testimony to support litigation, a parking expert can also serve as a consultant in legal matters or in the design and planning stages for a new parking lot or structure.

Over the years, John Hammerschlag has been hired to opine on various parking-related matters, including valuation, and has been deposed and testified in arbitration proceedings and courtroom trials for various clients and attorneys. In the last year, the cases involving testimony from Mr. Hammerschlag have resulted in favorable outcomes for his clients.

Having worked in and outside of Chicago for over 4 decades in the parking industry as an owner, developer, investor, asset manager, advisor, expert witness in valuation and other parking subject matters, and operator, John W. Hammerschlag has built a parking investment and advisory business which fills a specific niche. His outlook is unique in that he is independent and understands the dynamics of the local and national parking markets, the nature of parking competition, the players involved, and, as an owner, appreciates financial risk and the critical elements of parking development.

As directed by Client and its attorney, Mr. Hammerschlag’s services would include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Receive a summary of Client’s issue provided by Client’s attorney;

  • Upon review of the summary and discussion with Client and its attorney, develop a list of relevant documents for additional consideration;

  • Perform on-site inspection of asset(s) in question;

  • Prepare a confidential analysis, including a narrative accompanied by related spreadsheets and financial analysis;

  • Prepare a report for submission to the appropriate parties; and

  • Participate in depositions, arbitration proceedings, or trial testimony.

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